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Preparing for the worst

Kerry and Marcio gear up for a tense trip skirting North Korean air space en route to Russia.

Brad White

From bush flying in Alaska to flying anti-terrorism missions for the US military in Colombia, Brad has seen and done it all.

Pete Zaccagnino

He races planes to heart-stopping speeds and has the gold medals to prove it. He’s a test pilot who loves to push the limits and with more than 14,000 flying hours under his belt, Pete is just getting started.

Kerry McCauley

Back ferry flying after years out of the game, Kerry knows from experience that these flights are never risk-free. But Kerry jumps out of planes for fun, he can handle a little risk.

Stu Sprung

As an ex-firefighter and paramedic on the scene at 9/11, Stu has a lot of experience dealing with stressful situations. He’s looking to kick start a new career in ferry flying... where the sky’s the limit when it comes to stress!

Landing in Narsarsuaq

Cory and Randy land in Narsarsuaq, Greenland for the first time – one of the most dangerous landing strips in the world.

The stars of the show

From the Phenom to the Cirrus, to Bonanzas and Pipers, the planes are the real stars of the show. And boy, do they look great in the air!

Randy McGehee

Solid, safe and experienced, Randy is the captain you want at the helm. He’ll fly when the conditions are right and not a minute before.

Cory Bengtzen

The man behind CB Aviation. Cory has customers to please, planes to deliver and a whole lot of obstacles to overcome. Business is booming but getting these planes en route is half the battle.

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