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DANGEROUS FLIGHTS is the real deal: a high testosterone, action adventure series on the edge of aviation’s final frontier. It stars the daring mavericks who fly in the high-danger, high stress business of aircraft delivery.

From high-altitude adventures, to pressure-cooker human conflicts, these are the all-true dramatic stories of 8 American fliers, including the wheeler-dealer aviation broker Cory, and young rookies Claire and Lex, as they hustle private aircraft – old and new- over jungles, deserts and oceans, through war zones and across the frozen arctic.

Every high speed episode flies directly into new and dangerous territory – a wild-wild west of the skies, where even the smallest mistake can exact the ultimate price, as men and women push their flying machines, and their tempers, to the limit.

From volatile weather systems and passenger cabins stuffed with jerry-rigged fuel tanks to fireworks between pilots and co-pilots and over-demanding customers – plus the steady stream of stratospheric scrapes and escapes - this is one series guaranteed to keep on thrilling, chilling, and spilling… right from take off.

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