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Meet the Pilots

Claire McCauley

"I’m a pilot too, I’m second in command, so I’m gonna hold my ground, that’s for sure!"

Claire is a chip off the old block. Shes as headstrong as her dad Kerry and has inherited his thirst for...

Alex Pichler

"He was wrong and I was right, so he should listen to me sometimes."

Lex is just 20 years old but already hes managed to clock 650 hours of air time and sell more than a half dozen planes. Born...

Cory Bengtzen

"There’s nothing better than after travelling for hours over the ocean or over the Amazon, finally seeing that airport and realizing that you did it."

Cory is both a savvy businessman and an accomplished pilot. He started his career straight out of high school selling cars. He spent the next 15 years working his way up from floor salesman to co-owner of a dealership. Despite real success on the ground, Cory decided to follow his true passion – aviation. Both his grandfathers were pilots in WWII so for Cory, making the leap from selling cars to selling planes was not that big of a stretch. He got his pilot’s license in 2001 and started CB Aviation from scratch.

Last year, Cory gathered a crack team of pilots and sent them around the world to deliver planes to new buyers. He himself visited more countries and logged more hours than he ever imagined possible. This year, Cory’s team is back ready to tackle the epic routes, unpredictable weather and temperamental planes that make ferry flying one of the most challenging professions out there. And Cory is back on board, this time as Pete’s copilot, ready to take on the longest, most challenging flight of his career.

Marcio Lucchese

"When you deliver the plane it’s like finishing a marathon. Maybe you’re not the first, you didn’t win, you didn’t do a great time but you finished. And you can say, “I did it.”"

Marcio grew up...

Brad White

"We get handed the keys to an airplane we’ve never seen, we fly it across the ocean, we hand it off and we never see the airplane again. We’ve got one shot to figure out how the plane performs and then we’re done with it."

Brad was a young guy fuelling jets at Fairbanks International Airport when he got the kick in the pants he needed to get himself off the tarmac and into the cockpit.

A captain from Luftansa Airlines said to me, Brad, if you don't go to flight school and chase your dream, you will be here 20 years from now, fuelling planes and still making $10 an hour. I went home that day, found a flight school, made a plan and was on my way to school less than a month later.

Pete Zaccagnino

"Every plane I fly I expect is trying to kill me. That's the attitude I bring to that aircraft. It's not my friend and it has to prove to me that it's safe."

Pete has made a career out of pushing the envelope and taking risks so that other pilots don’t need to. His company, High Performance Aircraft Training/Testing Inc. (HPAC) tests the limits of high performance aircraft to help pilots fly safer and smarter. Pete is the guy who will find out if the plane can be flown into icing, if you can spin it and survive. And then he’ll teach you all that he’s learned… from first hand experience pushing the aircraft beyond its limits.

Petes first job landed him in the classroom not the cockpit. It wasnt long before he...

Dave Mathieson

"As a captain of the airplane, whether it’s a Cessna or a 747, you do whatever you've got to do to make sure that everyone on board your aircraft comes home safe."

Not many pilots can put “Super”...

Randy McGehee

"We experience things and eat things and see things that are once in a lifetime type of opportunities. It’s pretty cool to gain those life experiences while we’re doing our job."

Randy McGehee started flying when he was just 15 years old. It was his dream to get up in the air. So, his parents paid for a couple of lessons, one thing led to another, and Randy’s dream turned into a career.

As a young pilot, Randy flew freight planes and worked as a flight instructor. He then moved on to flying for the commuter airlines before finally landing with the majors. Today, Randy works for a major American airline. He is also the owner of Everflight Aviation.

Kerry McCauley

"I love the challenge of the unknown. I love getting in the plane in the morning and not knowing where I’m going to end up that evening or how I’m going to get there."

Kerry McCauley not only loves to fly the planes, he loves to jump out of them as well.

Kerry is the owner and operator of “Skydive Twin Cities,” a successful skydiving business in Baldwin, Wisconsin. He has jumped more than 13,000 times and has more than 6,500 flying hours under his belt.

In 1979, while still in high school, Kerry joined the army and became a helicopter crew chief. He took flying lessons in the early 80s and was on the road to realizing his dream of becoming a...

Stu Sprung

"I marvel at the accomplishment of flight. The human body isn't designed to fly through the air and somehow we found a way to do that. Flying is a massive privilege. Anyone who gets to fly should take it very seriously."

Stu Sprung is a commercially rated helicopter, air & seaplane pilot based out of San Diego, California. He has flown the world to almost 40 countries in a variety of aircraft.

Before becoming a pilot, Stu worked as a firefighter/paramedic for the San Francisco Fire Department, and as a flight medic for the US Department of Homeland Securitys FEMA. As a result of almost two decades of public service he responded to thousands of federal, state and local emergencies in the US, including the...

Yasmina Platt

"I’m not worried about flying over land. But the water … it’s not just landing on water, it’s what comes after that and how long it would take for somebody to see us and come get us. That's what I worry about..."

Bob Raskey

"For me the main concern is weather - a flight across the Atlantic may start out beautiful but it can change pretty dramatically very quickly."

Bob Raskey has spent a lifetime in the air, flying...

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