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Episode 8

Cockpit crisis

When pilots walk, the boss gets his hands dirty. Cory and Randy are forced to take on the old run-down Cheyenne. More than 6,000 kilometres of rocky air lay ahead – from Russia to the Philippines. While high above a burning desert, pilots Stu and Kerry run into mechanical...

Episode 7

No end in sight

Pete and Brad just can’t catch a break. The old Cheyenne is one major headache after another and now they’re running out of patience and time. Halfway around the world, Kerry and Stu battle storms, engine problems and a nasty stomach bug to ferry a single-engine Cirrus 19,000...

Episode 6

Prop jockeys

Pete is a test pilot and professional air racer while his copilot Brad has flown military operations in South America and Afghanistan - but these two are no match for a 32-year-old Cheyenne with a really bad attitude. Down south, a fellow prop jockey helps pilots Kerry and Stu...

Episode 5

Dark skies

Kerry stretches his wings when veteran pilot Marcio offers him the copilot seat in a sleek Phenom jet. The duo must ferry this jet 19,000 kilometres, from Australia to the U.S., skirting North Korean airspace with pit stops in Russia. On the other side of the globe, Cory and Randy...

Episode 4

Fear factor

Cory Bengtzen hires seasoned pilots, Pete and Brad, to jockey a King Air from the UK to the U.S. But Pete, a professional air racer, is thrown off his game after witnessing a tragic accident at the Reno Air Races. He needs to regain his nerve for the dangerous North Atlantic...

Episode 3

Fuel critical

After a rocky start in Macapa, Brazil, ferry flier entrepreneur Cory Bengtzen and copilot Kerry cross the Amazon rainforest. But engine trouble and power struggles make the last few legs the bumpiest yet. While up in Canada’s Northwest Territories, veteran pilot Randy McGehee...

Episode 2

Flight from hell

Cory’s new business runs into bad weather when his pilots walk off the job and he’s forced to take the controls. But that’s just half of Cory’s nightmare. He’s got two new pilots island hopping a Bonanza to Brazil with a hurricane on their tail. They’ll need a lot more than luck to...

Episode 1

Turn and burn

Former car salesman Cory Bengtzen launches a used airplane delivery business with two inaugural trans-global “ferry flights.” Cory’s cowboy pilots brave wild weather, take on dangerous airstrips and cover distances that these small planes were never meant to fly. He hires mechanics...

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