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Season 1 Season 2

Episode 10: Fight to the finish

  • Fight to the finish
  • Throttle forward
  • Ground turbulence
  • Storms a brewin'
  • Earning your stripes
  • Down to deadline
  • Flight US interruptus
  • Cold comfort
  • Ice breaker
  • Wheels down


Episode 10

Fight to the finish

Kerry worries he’ll wind up in jail after a run-in with gun-toting Federales in Brazil. Over in Malawi, Brad and Stu lose time struggling with mysterious mechanical problems on the Beech. With Africa finally behind them, it’s a tense showdown between Brad and boss Cory over fuel...

Episode 9

Throttle forward

The pilots reunite in Montreal, Canada to swap stories, clear the air and even settle some scores. The rookies get a work over and even the seasoned pros have some explaining to do about what REALLY happened out there. It’s a behind the scenes perspective on the pilots like...

Episode 8

Ground turbulence

Stu and Brad team up for the first time to deliver a Beech 1900 on an epic journey from South Africa to Canada. But it’s a rocky start for both the plane and the new pilot match-up. After clearing an intense storm over the Amazon, Kerry and his daughter Claire decide to see the...

Episode 7

Storms a brewin'

Tension is thick in the cockpit between Marcio and rookie co-pilot Lex. They’ve crossed almost 7,000 km of ocean together but Lex is still no closer to earning Marcio’s respect. Lex faces another challenge when a new pilot takes Lex’s place in the cockpit. Amaury is more...

Episode 6

Earning your stripes

Marcio is back in his element – captaining a sleek, high-tech Phenom 300 jet from Florida all the way to Singapore. The trip is long but his real challenge is dealing with his new co-pilot. Lex is just 20 years old with 700 hours under his belt and runs a thriving brokerage...

Episode 5

Down to deadline

Kerry and Marcio are in the final stretch of an 11,000 kilometer journey. Marcio has strict orders to make it home on time to his very pregnant wife. But Kerry has other ideas, that include a pit-stop at his hunting cabin for a little downtime with his buddies and steaks on the...

Episode 4

Flight US interruptus

With almost 8,000 kilometers behind them, Pete and Cory face intense headwinds and a dwindling fuel supply. Pete challenges Cory to make the call – turn back or keep going? In Greenland, Marcio and Kerry are going nowhere fast. A bureaucratic mix-up could force them to backtrack...

Episode 3

Cold comfort

After battling a temperamental engine over wide-open ocean, Marcio and Kerry decide it’s time to get some open water survival training. They brave the cold Icelandic water and get a reality check in surviving a ditch. Pete and Cory get their own reality check when they arrive in the...

Episode 2

Ice breaker

Cory and Pete team up to deliver a Caravan to Kenya. But even before clearing the American border, a monster blizzard and some serious icing threaten to drop them out of the sky. Over in Europe, Marcio and Kerry reunite in the cockpit. But this time the roles are reversed. Kerry is...

Episode 1

Wheels down

The pilots converge in a hangar to hash out last season's most dramatic stories and a hint at what's ahead for Season 2; 18-year-old rookie pilot Claire, Kerry's daughter, is introduced.

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